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GB 55 | JIS S55C DIN C55/Cm55 | ASTM 1055 | BS EN9/070M55 Engineering Steel

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Alloy Structural Steel, Alloy Tool Steel, Carbon Structural Steel, Carbon Tool Steel, Bearing Steel, Spring Steel ,Stainless Steel, Refractory Steel, Roll Steel, Pinion Steel. Additionally, the company also has the capacity to forge round steel, steel flat, square steel, module, shaft and roller


  • Quick Details

    1: 1055 steel introduction

        1055 steel is an unalloyed medium carbon engineering steel which has 0.52%-0.6% Carbon as per EN10083 standard.It will obtain high hardness and high strength  after hardening due to the relatively high carbon content,and also can be flame or induction hardened to surface hardness Min 58HRC.C55 steel is generally supplied in an untreated or normalised condition

    2.Chemical Composition

    Grade C Mn P S Si Cr Mo Ni Cr+Mo+Ni
    C55/1.0535 0.52-0.6 0.60-0.90 ≤ 0.045 ≤ 0.045 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.63
    C55E/1.1203 0.52-0.6 0.60-0.90 ≤ 0.03 ≤ 0.035 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.63
    C55R/1.1209 0.52-0.6 0.60-0.90 ≤ 0.03 0.02-0.04 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.1 ≤ 0.4 ≤ 0.63

    3.Relevant Standards

    USA UK China Japan Australia
    1055 070M55 / EN9 55# S55C 1055
    4: 1055 steel mechanical properties  
    Mechanical properties a at room temperature in the quenched and tempered condition (+QT)
    Diameter d mm ≤ 16 16-40 40-100
    Thickness t mm < 8 8-20 20-60
    Yield Strength Mpa ≥550 ≥490 ≥420
    Tensile Strength Mpa 800-950 750-900 700-850
    Elongation, % ≥12 ≥14 ≥15
    Reduction of area ,% ≥30 ≥45 ≥40
    Mechanical properties a at room temperature in the normalized condition (+N)
    Diameter d mm ≤ 16 16-100 100-250
    Thickness t mm ≤ 16 16-100 100-160
    Yield Strength Mpa ≥370 ≥330 ≥300
    Tensile Strength Mpa ≥680 ≥640 ≥620
    Elongation, % ≥11 ≥12 ≥12

    5: 1055 steel overviews
    Size Round Dia 6-1200mm
    Plate/Flat/Block Thickness
    Heat treatment Normalized ; Annealed ; Quenched ; Tempered
    Surface condition Black; Peeled; Polished; Machined; Grinded; Turned; Milled
    Delivery condition Forged; Hot rolled; Cold drawn
    Test Tensile strength, Yield strength, elongation, area of reduction, impact value, hardness, grain size, ultrasonic test, US inspection, magnetic particle testing, etc. 
    Payment terms T/T;L/C;/Money gram/ Paypal
    Trade terms FOB; CIF; C&F; etc..
    Delivery time 30-45 days
    Application 1055 is a medium carbon steel suitable for various type of applications where high strength is needed.It is used for components of small cross section requiring low tensile strength, and heavy forgings in the normalized condition for automotive and general engineering such as axles, clutch members, shafts, pressed and punched parts, piston rods and gear racks.

        As mentioned above, forgings may be transferred to a furnace at a temperature that may approximate to the forging finishing temperature. The full annealing cycle of this grade is a soak at a temperature of 1450-1600oF (790-870oC) cooling to 1200oF (650oC) at 50oF (28oC) per hour, soaking and subsequently air cooling.
        This steel will on occasion require normalizing prior to further heat treatment such as hardening and tempering. This is carried out at a temperature of 1650oF (900oC) followed by air cooling.
        This steel is austenitized at 1475-1550oF (800-845oC) followed by water or oil quench depending upon section size and complexity.
        This steel will be tempered at a temperature to give required mechanical properties, based on past experience. It should be noted that there is a danger of temper brittleness in the temperature range of 500-600oF (260-315oC.)

    7: Delivery condition
        For hot forged  bar, usually the delivery condition is hot forged, annealed/QT, rough turned/Black surface.
        For hot rolled bar, usually the delivery condition is hot rolled, annealed/QT, Black surface.
        For Cold Drawn bar, usually the delivery condtion is cold drawn, annealed/QT, peeled/black surface
        For hot rolled plate, usually the delivery condition is hot rolled, annealed, milled/black surface
        For hot forged plate, usually the delivery condition is hot forged, normalized/annealed, milled/black surface.